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  • My Way, Jang's, Ben's
  • Haad Salad Villa
  • Haad Salad Restaurant
  • Salad Buri Resort
  • Off the beach

  • Reggae Village, Jay Jay Pizza
  • Yoga Retreat, Peppercorn
  • Party Spots

  • Chilled parties at Reggae Village
  • Moon Set Party at Haad Chao Phao
  • Live music at Rasta Home in Haad Yao


This restaurant serves a variety of tasty food, and is a little less expensive than others on Haad Salad. Lisa S, Perth About Haad Salad Restaurant - Trip Advisor

The food is wonderful, perfect place on the beach and the staff were great. Conaboy, Australia. About Salad Hut - Trip Advisor

try jay jays Italian restaurant just up from the resort , within reggae village: great value for money their pizza, sandwiches and salads are great. Tashastraveltroves, France about Jay Jay Restaurant

Ratings on Trip Advisor

Peppercorn #58 out of 278 restaurants in Koh Phangan

Jang's Thai Kitchen #66 out of 278 restaurants in Koh Phangan

Haad Salad Restaurant: #136 out of 278 restaurants in Koh Phangan

Salad Hut: #57 out of 278 restaurants in Koh Phangan

Jay Jay Pizza Restaurant #206 out of 261 restaurants in Koh Phangan

Full Moon Party

While the bars in Haad Salad can be fun, Haad Salad doesn't really have any big parties.

For many people the main reason to come to Koh Phangan is to go wild at the Full Moon Party. It takes about 25 minutes in a taxi to get to Haad Rin. There are plenty of taxis to take you to the party. When you want to return to your bungalow in Haad Salad you just have to go to the taxi area at the back of the town and wait for a taxi going your way.


1) You have to pay 100 THB to enter the party

2) Don't bring valuables to the party

3) Wear something on your feet as the beach gets full of broken glass

4) Remember everyone pisses in the sea so don't go swimming

5) Take it easy on the buckets and never leave your drink unattended - every year people report their drink being spiked.

6) Click here for Full Moon Party dates

West Coast Parties

Haad Salad is one of the quieter beaches in Koh Phangan. It is not a beach for all night techno and trance parties. However, just 10 minutes away on Haad Chao Phao is Pirate Bar where they have a Moon Set Party 3 days before every Full Moon Party.

Even closer are the lively bars of Haad Yao. You can mellow out to live reggae at Rasta Home or enjoy some DJ music at Jack's Bar, Eagle Bar and Apple Bar. Read more about Haad Yao drinking here.

Bars and Restaurants


There is plenty of choice when it comes to eating and drinking in Haad Salad. You can find plenty of places selling reasonably priced Thai food and Western food. For those with a motorbike or hire car there is the possibility of trying the restaurants in Chaloklum and Haad Yao. There is also the popular steak restaurant called Peppercorn about 10 minutes away by vehicle.

Jang's Kitchen

Jang's Kitchen is the most highly rated place to eat in Haad Salad according to Trip Advisor. They serve Thai food. Not only that they serve really big portions. So big that it is possible to share just one dish. So don't be put out when you see the prices on the menu.

Rather than go the 'authentic Thai food' route Jang's attempts to be more creative: they add different vegetables not normally found in Thai dishes such as broccoli. Recommended eat is the chicken satay stir fry. Recommended tipple: mango and rum.

The restaurant is on the beach. They do cooking classes during the day and serve food at night.

My Way

My Way is a popular spot on the beach to enjoy a meal and a drink. It is in a good location and makes a pleasant place to enjoy the sunset. My Way is a simple bamboo and thatch structure with a large balcony overlooking the beach with low tables and cushion seating as well as plenty of bamboo tables and chairs in a shady area next to the beach. There is a bar next to the seating area.

You can find Thai curries and noodles on the menu as well as German bread, Western options and a few healthy options. The bar serves cold beer, spirits and cocktails. Opening times are 08.00 to 22.00, although they sometimes stay open later to serve drinks.


Ben's is a small beachfront restaurant and bar run by a local woman. She serves excellent fresh seafood and Thai food. It's a good place to get a cold drink and to sample the local catch. There is a swing next to the bar.

Salad Hut

Recommended spot for food on the middle of the beach. They serve good Thai food, salads and decent Western breakfasts. You can also get muesli, ice cream and cappuccino.

It is in a pleasant location in the shade of a tree. There is plenty of comfortable seating. There is also a fairly large menu. Dishes that people like include the chicken laab and the fresh prawn salad.

Salad Hut is more of a venue for a meal or a shake than to drink lots of beer.

Reggae Village

Reggae Village is in the village area that you pass through as you enter Haad Salad from the main road. As the name suggests, it is a relaxing place. They are open all day and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have a few rooms to rent.

Reggae Village serves Thai and Western food. There is plenty of comfortable seating as well as plenty of old skool decoration. In the evening Reggae Village becomes a chilled-out bar.

Reggae Village is a long-running Haad Salad venue and legendary in traveller circles. Check out the specials.


Peppercorn Restaurant is located at the southern end of Haad Salad on the main road. This restaurant used to be in a quite jungle setting near Srithanu but has moved to a more convenient location for tourists. Peppercorn is Koh Phangan's first and still finest steak house. They have Argentine beef, New Zealand beef and Japanese wagu steak. They also keep a selection of fine wines.

The emphasis is on fresh ingredients, classic Western cooking and seasonal treats.

Jay Jay Pizza Restaurant

Jay Jay Pizza is near Reggae Village. It is owned by the same family. It is a small restaurant with seating inside and also on a covered balcony.

The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and has a good value menu. Recommended are the pizzas, sandwiches and salads.

Haad Salad Restaurant

The restaurant attached to Haad Salad Villa is imaginatively called 'Haad Salad Restaurant'. Reviewers of the restaurant all make the comment that Haad Salad Restaurant is slightly cheaper than other beachfront places to eat.

The restaurant has papaya salad, chicken satay and other Asian and Thai favourites. They also serve fresh fruit shakes and smoothies. Every evening there is BBQ fish on the menu.

The restaurant also has free wifi so it is an ideal place to have a coffee, smoke a cigarette and catch up on your emails.

Salad Buri Resort

The restaurant and pool at the Salad Buri Resort is a popular place to get some food and have a few drinks. They have some of the best placed sunloungers on the beach.

They do interesting cocktails that include mango margaritas. Salad Buri Resort has a big menu with plenty of breakfast items, sandwiches as well as Thai dishes, pasta, BBQ and fresh fish. They even have a kids' menu.

You can buy wine at this place if you feel like treating yourself. Be prepared to be shocked at the price.

The Yoga Retreat

For strict vegetarians and vegans and for those with a hankering for Indian food there is the Yoga Retreat about 1 km from the beach. It is a pleasant jungle spot and the food is good. Friday 7pm is the Indian buffet. Check out the nearby Wang Sai Waterfall.

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