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Haad Salad Quick Facts

  • On north west coast
  • 600 meters long white sand beach
  • Rooms from 350 Thai Baht
  • Coral reef off coast
  • Best swimming from Nov to April
  • Plenty of bars and restaurants
  • Shops stock food, drink, gifts etc.
  • Not a party beach
  • 30 minutes from Full Moon Party
  • 20 minutes from main ferry ports

Welcome to Haad Salad Guide


Haad Salad Beach in the local dialect translates as 'pirate beach'. This is because the sheltered cove with its coral reefs and shallow bay was inaccessible by the Thai navy and hence made an excellent place for smugglers to hide. Nowadays the beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear waters of Haad Salad are no longer used by pirates but rather by those looking for a paradise beach holiday.

The Beach

The beach at Haad Salad is about 600 meters long. It is fine white sand mixed with dead coral in places. Care must be taken not to cut your feet at low tide and in certain sections of the beach when swimming. This is part of an eco system that supports a nearby coral reef.

Haad Salad is well connected to the infrastructure of the island but retains a remote charm: much of the palm tree fringe to the beach remains. It is easily one of the prettiest and most unspoiled beaches on Koh Phangan.

Unlike the nearby Haad Yao beach, Haad Salad is quite narrow in parts. It curves gently between two rocky head lands.

You can paddle in the sea at Haad Salad all year round. However, the best swimming is during the higher tidal months beween November and April. The northern end of the beach has less coral in the sand and on the seabed and so is better for swimming.


Haad Salad is located on the west coast of Koh Phangan just above the longer beach of Haad Yao.

It takes about 20 minutes by taxi or motorbike to reach Haad Salad from the main port town of Thongsala. The roads going through the island and along the west coast are all paved, although some are in need of repair. Haad Salad makes a convenient base on the island from which to explore the interesting places in the west such as Wangsai Waterfall, Laem Som Lake, the Chinese Temple and Chaloklum village. It is also possible to get transport to Haad Rin and the Full Moon Party.

Diving and Snorkeling

There is a coral reef just 80 meters off the coast of Haad Salad. It offers some of the best diving and snorkeling opportunities in Koh Phangan. There are a few diving operations to choose from in the area. These include Blue Horizon Divers, The Dive Inn and Pirate Divers. For experienced divers Blue Horizon and Dive Inn offer nitrox diving.

There is a mixture of hard and soft corals at Haad Salad to see. Typical marine life in the area includes anglefish, butterfly fish and damsel fish.

There isn't a pier at Haad Salad so if you go on a boat trip it is likely to be from the neighboring beach of Chaloklum. Don't take boats from Haad Salad as they damage the corals as they cross over into the deeper ocean.

For those looking to learn scuba diving or to do a few fun dives Haad Salad is a good option as a base. The local dive shops have small groups, have loads of experience and offer good value for money. Read more

Eating and Drinking

Nearly all the resorts have attached restaurants where you can try delicious Thai food as well the usual selection of Western food items such as burgers, fries, sandwiches etc. Several restaurants also offer BBQ food and fresh seafood.

Popular eateries include My Way, Jang's Kitchen and Salad Hut. As well as the usual suspects on the menus in Haad Salad you can also find chicken satay, pizza, Thai food cooked with unusual ingredients and Indian vegetarian food.

Overall there is plenty of good food to enjoy, and some of it at very reasonable prices. We review Jang's Kitchen, My Way, Ben's, Salad Hut, Reggae Village, Jay Jay Pizza, Haad Salad Restaurant, Salad Buri Resort and Yoga Retreat.

Haad Salad has a few good drinking options. The music is more reggae than trance and techno often. It is more of a laid back beach than a party beach. However, there are nearby parties in Haad Yao, Haad Chao Phao as well as big parties virtually every week in Haad Rin and Ban Tai. Read more

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